140518 John 14:6

Sermon Text: John 14:6

Theme: Jesus.

I would like to begin by having you look at this picture. [show slide] What stands out to you? I am not referring to the familiar signage and colors of a Kentucky Fried Chicken building. Rather, look at the bright yellow road sign. If you have made the trip between here and New Ulm, MN in recent years, you may have noticed signs such as this along US Highway 14 near Mankato. On the sign is a simple, clear message: Jesus. And if you look closely enough at the sign, you will notice that the word "Jesus" is followed by a period. So, this sign is proclaiming to people the simple, and yet very clear message of the Gospel: that the forgiveness of sins and eternal life in heaven are gifts to human beings because of Jesus, period. This is what the Savior himself says to us in the Gospel lesson for this weekend. The Lord's disciple Thomas had said to Jesus, "Lord, we don't know where you are going, so how can we know the way?" To which Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."

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140511 I Peter 2:19-25

Text: I Peter 2:19-25
Theme: It's A Good Thing We Have A Good Shepherd

What is the theme that ties together today's Scripture readings? Even though Pastor Schmidt already announced that the fourth Sunday of Easter has been designated as Good Shepherd Sunday, the answer to that question might not be as obvious as you think.

In the first lesson from Acts there isn't any mention of a shepherd or sheep. Instead we are introduced to Stephen, a man who was full of faith (Acts 6:5) and who ultimately died because of his faith. When Stephen called his countrymen to account for killing Jesus, they stoned him to death and made him the first Christian martyr.

In John 10 Jesus calls himself the gate for the sheep, but he also talks about thieves and robbers and wolves who pose a threat to the flock. David describes the Lord as his shepherd in the psalm of the day, but in between beautiful verses about green pastures/quiet waters and dwelling in the house of the Lord forever, he recognizes the reality of the valley of the shadow of death and the presence of powerful enemies.

One of the main themes of I Peter (the subject comes up in every chapter, including today's second lesson) is standing firm in the face of persecution. Peter doesn't make excuses. Peter doesn't dance around the issues. He puts it in plain Greek: Christ suffered. You will suffer. In fact, as a Christian you have been called to suffer.

Suffering. Persecution. Danger. Intimidation. God's Word makes it clear that if you are a follower of Jesus, these things will be a part of your life. You will be harassed. You will be attacked. And you will not be able to survive on your own. This is where the theme of the day comes in. This is what makes the fourth Sunday of Easter is so meaningful. This morning Peter reminds us why...


I. He is the source of our salvation
II. He is worthy of our imitation

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140504 Luke 24:13-35

Sermon Text: Luke 24:13 – 35

Sermon Theme: Do You Have Heart Burn?

Have you ever suffered from heartburn? Maybe you ate some spicy food, or drank a lot of caffeine, and now you have the burning feeling in your stomach. Heartburn is not a pleasant thing. We take an antacid to get rid of it. Some people have such bad heartburn that they have to take prescription medication to help them deal with it. It is safe to say that no one here this morning would like to get a case of heartburn. But from God's Word that is before us this morning we read about a heartburn that would be good for us to get; a heartburn we would not want to stop or put out. The question that our Risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, would like each one of us to answer is: "Do you have heartburn?"

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140427 I Peter 1:3-7

Text: I Peter 1:3-7
Theme: Where There Is Life, There Is Hope

A man lies motionless in his hospital bed. A terrible accident has brought him to the edge of death. The doctors say that he has almost no chance of survival. His wife is in the room with him. She holds his hand. She knows that doctors have been wrong before. She believes that nothing is impossible with God. As she talks to him, she feels his hand squeezing hers. Where there is life, there is hope.

A person is flirting with a dangerous sin. He has fallen before. He could fall again. There are days when he just wants to give up. But then he remembers that Jesus died to take away his sins. And then he remembers that God will give him the strength he needs to fight temptation. He understands that his inner spiritual struggle is actually a sign that the Holy Spirit is living in him. And where there is life, there is hope.

In and around the city of Jerusalem, people were trying to understand everything that had just taken place. Darkness covered the land in the middle of the day. The massive temple curtain had been torn in two. Witnesses had seen Joseph and Nicodemus bury the body of Jesus and roll the stone in front of the tomb just before sunset.

But then there was an earthquake. And somehow the massive stone had been moved from the grave's entrance. Some people went to see for themselves what had happened. Among them was Peter, who wrote the words we will consider this morning. Peter ran to the tomb and saw that it was open. He went into the tomb and saw that it was empty. That could only mean one thing. Jesus was alive! And...


I. Christ gives us life by his resurrection
II. Christ gives us hope for our resurrection

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