150222 Genesis 22:1-18

Text: Genesis 22:1 – 18
Theme: Don't Be Afraid to Give the LORD Your Best!

As we begin this morning, I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Abraham. You can read all about my life in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. As you may know from reading through Genesis, when I was 100 years old and my wife Sarah was 90 years old, we finally had our first child: a son, whom we named Isaac.

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150215 Mark 9:2-9

Text: Mark 9:2-9
Theme: The Transforming Power Of The Transfiguration

What first hit the screen as a Japanese cartoon in the 1980s later became a series of four science fiction action movies (with a fifth scheduled to be released next summer). These blockbusters have grossed hundreds of millions of dollars, and the money trail can be traced all the way back to a toy.

You might be familiar with the name of these toys that can change from robots into cars and trucks and airplanes. They're called Transformers, and they have been around since I was a kid. In fact, I can still remember the commercial jingle that began with the line: "Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye."

More than meets the eye. That would be a pretty good way to describe Jesus too. When Jesus lived on this earth he looked like a human being...because he was a human being. And he did all the things that regular people do. He walked and talked and wept and slept. There were times when Jesus gave the world small glimpses of his power (we can point to any of his miracles), but for the most part he kept his true identity a secret...until he led three of his disciples to the top of a certain mountain.

On that mountaintop Peter, James and John saw that there was much more to Jesus than meets the eye. There they became eyewitnesses of Jesus' transfiguration, an amazing display of his divine glory. And for the next few minutes, let's imagine that we are there too. We are on the top of that mountain. Jesus has brought us to this special place so that we too can experience...


I. What that meant for Jesus
II. What it means for Jesus' disciples

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150208 John 17:3

Text: John 17:3
Theme: To Know Jesus Christ And To Make Him Known On Campus
Guest preacher: Pastor Bill Limmer, Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel

Thank you for allowing the students and me to come and celebrate Mission Festival with you. It is our honor and privilege to share with you God's Word and some of what God is doing at Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel and Student Center. By the grace of God for fifty years Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel and Student Center has been sharing God's Word on Gilman Street and on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in Madison

Quiz time: Pass or fail. What is the motto of the University of Wisconsin in Madison. A. God is Light B. On Wisconsin C. A Common Bond for all the Arts. The answer is A: God is Light. That is somewhat interesting, isn't it? The University does a pretty good song and dance to get around that today.

The mission or motto for Wisconsin Lutheran Chapel and Student Center is "To know Jesus Christ and to make Him known on Campus." When we talk about knowing Jesus at the Chapel, we are not just talking about knowing that Jesus is fully human and fully divine, not just that he was born of the Virgin Mary, not just that he was crucified, died, was buried and rose again on the third day, not just that he died for my sins and your sins and the sins of the world but to also know him personally. To know is not just head knowledge, but to know Jesus in our hearts.

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150125 Jonah 3:1-5, 10

Text: Jonah 3:1-5, 10
Theme: An Amazing Story About Amazing Grace

Jonah. Even if you have never read the Old Testament, even if you can't name the books of the Old Testament, there is a good chance that you know something about Jonah. So how much do you know about him? Did you know that Jonah's father's name was Amittai? Did you know that he came from the town of Gath Hepher in the territory of Zebulun? Did you know that he was a contemporary of Hosea, Amos and Joel? Did you know that of all the Old Testament prophets Jesus compared himself only to Jonah?

I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know these little details about the life of Jonah. Most people (and probably most Christians) don't. And if they do recognize his name, if they remember anything at all about Jonah's life, they will identify him as the man who spent three days and three nights in the belly of a great fish.

It is almost impossible to separate the prophet Jonah from his famous encounter with the fish, but that is only half of his story. The fact that Jonah was able to survive for three days and nights in the belly of a fish was amazing, a miracle so unbelievable that we can believe it only because God has given us the faith to believe it.

But it is important for us to remember that this miracle is followed by two more chapters. And our text for this morning from Jonah 3 includes at least two additional miracles, miracles that are just as incredible, miracles that are perhaps even more unbelievable. The Word of God before us today presents us with an account that is truly amazing. Let's call it...


I. God's patience with one man
II. God's love for all mankind

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