130512 Proverbs 31:10-31

Text: Proverbs 31:10-31
Theme: The World's Greatest Profession

Forbes magazine recently came out with a list of the top ten jobs for 2013. They are (in reverse order): industrial engineer, mechanical engineer, web developer, sales representative, network administrator, human resources specialist, computer systems analyst, market research analyst, accountant. And the number one job for 2013 is: software developer.

This list was compiled on the basis of recent job growth in these fields, the potential for getting a job after graduation and, of course, starting salary. These criteria explain why the list is weighted so heavily toward technology. They also explain why domestic engineer (aka mom) didn't crack the top ten.

I don't know of any universities that offer a bachelor's degree in motherhood. Becoming a mom doesn't require years of specialized training. Being a mom does mean putting in long hours of work without receiving much in the way of tangible rewards, and yet there is no more rewarding job on earth.

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130505 Acts 14:8-18

Text: Acts 14:8-18
Theme: God Has Come Down To Us In Human Form

"God has come down to us in human form." It's a thought that has entered the minds of many biblical figures. Some shepherds couldn't keep this thought to themselves when angels told them about the world-changing events that had just taken place in a stable in Bethlehem (Luke 2). The Magi carried a similar message back home after they left their gifts where they had been led by the star (Matthew 2).

Mary and Joseph knew it to be true from their personal experience as they raised a child who was perfect in every way. This fact also became obvious to the disciples when they saw water turned into wine, storms stilled and countless people healed of sickness and disease. And can there be a more powerful witness than Lazarus, who on command walked out of his tomb alive after four days in the grave (John 11)?

We don't fit into the same category, at least not exactly. We haven't seen God face to face. We didn't witness any of Jesus' miracles, but we can speak with the same confidence. God's inspired Word convinces us that these events really happened. God's Word tells us that God was and still is directly involved in the lives of his people. And so with the shepherds and the Wise Men and Mary and Joseph and Lazarus and many other witnesses, we also testify that...


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130428 Revelation 21:1-6

Text: Revelation 21:1 – 6
Theme: The Risen Savior Offers You H2O
1. Heaven
2. Happiness
3. Optimism

When I was in high school, the subject I struggled the most in was science. One of the more difficult things for me to do was memorize the "periodic table". The periodic table is the chart that lists all the different elements in our world. Some were easy to remember: "H" is the symbol for "hydrogen". "O" is the symbol for "oxygen". But for those of you who have studied the periodic table, do you remember what "AU" stands for? It is gold. Or how about "HG"? This is the symbol on the chart for mercury. It was difficult enough for me to remember what each symbol means. Imagine how lost I felt as we started talking about what is made when parts of the different elements are put together with other parts. One that is maybe easy to remember is the formula H20. If you take two parts of hydrogen and combine it with one part of oxygen, the result is water. Today we want to spend a few minuets talking about H2O. Not the kind of water that comes out of your sinks at home or that you can buy in a bottle at the store. God's Word before us this morning gives us an opportunity to talk about the water only the risen Savior, Jesus Christ, is able to offer us. As Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well, "Whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." Today the risen Savior comes to each one of us and offers us this water of life. From God's Word, the risen Savior offers you H20. Through the water of life, you and I enjoy heaven, happiness and optimism.

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130421 Psalm 23

Text: Psalm 23
Theme: The Lord's Sheep Lack Nothing

You've been hearing about it since the bell rang to signal the beginning of worship this morning. In the opening announcements. In the call to worship. In the lessons for the day and the hymn of the day. If you opened your bulletin you even saw it printed in bold at the top of the page. Today is the fourth Sunday of the Easter season, but it has also been designated as Good Shepherd Sunday.

Why? Why do we observe an annual Good Shepherd Sunday? And why are there so many passages in both the Old and New Testaments that use this specific word picture to describe God? What's the connection between the Lord and the Good Shepherd, and why is this connection so common?

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