180225 Romans 5:1-11

Sermon Text: Romans 5:1 – 11

Sermon Theme: The War is Over!

When a country is at war, people are anxious to hear that the war will soon come to end. They want to hear that the bullets will stop flying and the bombs will stop dropping. They want to hear that there will be peace. When they hear the good news that the war is over, many will take to the streets to celebrate. The Sundays in Lent are often times referred to as "Little Easters". Each Sunday in Lent we gather in God's house to celebrate Good News. During a time of the Christian Church year when we focus on the suffering and death of our Savior, we hear the good news that victory has been won. Today, you and I join together to give thanks to our Savior-God that the war is over.

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180218 Romans 8:31-39

Text: Romans 8:31-39
Theme: God Plus One Equals A Majority

If you look at the service folder every week, you probably noticed that somewhere in the back pages there is usually a sneak preview of next weekend's message. The pastors put that blurb in the bulletin to pique people's interest, and also to encourage you to invite someone to worship. For example, you could say to your friend, "Next weekend would be the perfect time for you to come to church with me because the pastor is going to talk about forgiveness."

In last week's bulletin, I teased today's sermon by asking: What is your favorite math equation? How many people do you think can come up with an answer to that question? I don't know, but I do know that I am not one of them. Math was never my favorite subject in school. The word, "algebra," makes me a little uncomfortable, and "calculus" makes me break out into a cold sweat.

Maybe you are on the other end of the spectrum. Maybe you are a math whiz. Maybe you are one of those people who claim that real math doesn't use numbers. Or maybe you are more like me. Even if you have trouble balancing your check book, today's sermon text lays out an equation that even the most math-challenged Christian will love. For the moment I want you to think of Paul the missionary as Paul the mathematician as he proposes this simple, beautiful truth...


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180211 Mark 9:2-9

Text: Mark 9:2 – 9
Theme: Take a Time Out with the Lord Jesus!

In sports, timeouts are important. A coach may call a timeout to give his players a much needed rest. A timeout may be called to stop the momentum of the other team. Or, a coach may call a timeout to set up a particular play; to make sure everyone is on the same page. On this Transfiguration Sunday, our Lord is calling a timeout. As together we remember the transfiguration of our Savior, the encouragement you and I hear is: TAKE A TIME OUT WITH THE LORD JESUS! Take a timeout to witness his glory. Take a timeout to remember his mission.

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180204 Job 7:1-7

Text: Job 7:1-7
Theme: Learn From Job's Lament

Turn them on, turn them on, turn on those sad songs. When all hope is gone why don't you tune in and turn them on. They reach into your room. Just feel their gentle touch. When all hope is gone ________ ________ ________ ________ ________ (fill in the blanks).

Did you recognize the refrain from that 1984 pop hit by Elton John? Better yet, can you come up with the five word title at the very end? "When all hope is gone...sad songs say so much." I've been a pastor at St. Matthew's for over five years now. I don't believe that I have quoted Elton John from this pulpit before, and I don't plan on doing it again anytime soon. But when I sat down and read today's sermon text that song and that title instantly popped into my head.

These seven verses from Job 7 come from the mouth of Job himself, and his sad words say a lot. Instead of expressing his feelings in a song, Job expressed himself with a lament (a passionate expression of grief). Even though we don't know him, we can sense his pain. Even though we weren't there, we can almost see the anguished look on his face. Even though Job was speaking about himself, we can relate to him. And there are some important spiritual lessons we can learn from him. So with the Holy Spirit's guidance and blessing that is what we will do this morning. As we meditate on these inspired words we will...


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